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Take control of your data with efficient, scalable solutions.

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

Start leveraging the cloud in weeks.

Data Management

Make your data work for you

Whether you just established your data management best practices or are looking to improve existing practices, our consultants can accelerate your data journey.

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Cloud First Acceleration

Take the right approach

Our solutions focus on accelerating your ability to leverage the cloud and big data while reducing project implementation risk. We can get you to the cloud in less than 90 days.

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Data Intelligence Platform

Improve your DataOps

Accelerate your ability to leverage today’s most powerful data workflow, analytics, and intelligence capabilities while enabling event-driven application development.

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Continuously integrate and deploy

We can help you accelerate your DevOps progress from months to weeks, and greatly reduce costs associated with the enormous learning curve and coordination between teams.

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The Gravicore Difference

The biggest problem businesses face when outsourcing cloud-based technology solutions is risk of execution failure. Other technology companies may be able to deliver technology-enabled solutions, but don’t understand the needs of your business or clients. As veterans of the finance industry, we have unique insight into those needs. Not only do we offer efficient and scalable technology-enabled solutions, but we also deliver on your business value.


Gravicore Delivers

The time for legacy technology dependency is ending. Get ahead of the curve with efficient, frictionless solutions, designed to scale with your unique needs. Let our core of specialists pull your processes into seamless orbit, allowing you to democratize data and streamline enterprise processes.