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The Gravicore Difference

The biggest problem businesses face when outsourcing cloud-based technology solutions is risk of execution failure. Other technology companies may be able to deliver technology-enabled solutions, but don’t understand the needs of your business or clients. As veterans of the finance industry, we have unique insight into those needs. Not only do we offer efficient and scalable technology-enabled solutions, but we also deliver on your business value.

I am so thankful Gravicore could bring all of this value in such a short amount of time, not to mention under budget… it has been a game-changer for our company.

By having a trusted single source of data, other departments are now using the data to improve their processes.

—Chief Risk Officer

Leading Fintech Company

We chose Gravicore because of the team’s strong knowledge of AWS, its opinionated framework for building cloud presence and the impressive set of tools it has developed.

The migration to Amazon Web Services has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on Celink, our clients and the customers we serve on their behalf. The whole industry is talking about it; we’ve even drawn praise from competitors.

—Sergey Dyakin, Chief Information Officer


After completing phase 1 of design, implementation and activation, we are ready to start doing development, but I am not sure that really paints the picture of what you’ve done here.

The depth of what is in place, regardless of how much money is saved, what it adds from a security, compliance and control point of view, it’s a remarkable amount of future effort saved as well.

—Chief Technology Officer

Leading Mortgage Company

Gravicore Delivers

The time for legacy technology dependency is ending. Get ahead of the curve with efficient, frictionless solutions, designed to scale with your unique needs. Let our core of specialists pull your processes into seamless orbit, allowing you to democratize data and streamline enterprise processes.