Case Study

Gravicore Accelerates Cloud Adoption for Mortgage Finance Company

A fintech mortgage finance company with a growing line of products needed to quickly setup their cloud infrastructure to support their growing operation.  When they asked Gravicore to accelerate their adoption, it happened in weeks (not months).

Days from start to launch


Automated deployment

About the Client

Our client is a mortgage lending company available in 28 states with over 100 years of experience and a growing line of products. It offers conventional/government-backed home loans and after decades of experience developing mortgage lending expertise, it is now focused on meeting seniors’ mortgage needs as well with an emphasis on transparency and retirement goals. The company website offers free quotes, an online application and free educational resources.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging with Gravicore, all technology systems, software applications and data ingested from many different sources including SFTP, API, internal spreadsheets, had been maintained in on-premise datacenters and locally shared spreadsheets which proved inefficient and unscalable.

The client recognized the importance of establishing a secure, scalable technology infrastructure and data management environment to meet the current and future needs of its growing business.

To address the business challenges, the client engaged Gravicore to lead the design, development, implementation and maintenance of the Microsoft Azure cloud data management environment.

After completing phase 1 of design, implementation and activation, we are ready to start doing development, but I am not sure that really paints the picture of what you’ve done here.

The depth of what is in place, regardless of how much money is saved, what it adds from a security, compliance and control point of view, it’s a remarkable amount of future effort saved as well.


Gravicore’s Solution

Gravicore is a technology company specializing in the automated deployment of cloud computing platforms and implementation of cutting-edge data, analytics and reporting solutions for financial services companies. The deliverables from Gravicore’s professional services also include integrations and licensing of third-party systems, services and software.

For this client, Gravicore created designs of Azure account configuration, services, software, networking, infrastructure, data integrations via Boomi iPaaS, data management and workflows. Upon design approval, Gravicore led the implementation and activation of Azure infrastructure optimized to meet the client’s current needs and established a secure and scalable data management platform to support the company’s growth and diversification.

Outcomes and Benefits

Business Process Enablement

  • Delivered a fully functional cloud-based technology platform by establishing infrastructure and automation capabilities
  • Implemented and configured all necessary Azure Virtual Network environments (“VNets”)
  • Designed data implementation patterns leveraging Boomi, a third party service provider that specializes in integration platform as a service (iPaaS)


  • Created a cost efficient, scalable and powerful platform for data management and business intelligence solutions that moves data into the Azure environment with reporting capabilities

Security and Compliance

  • Ensured compliance with privacy and information security requirements
  • Integrated identity management and access control services


Growing Mortgage Finance Fintech


Real Estate Finance


Boomi, Azure Cloud, Github, Jira,

Confluence, Sharepoint, PowerBI


Loan Origination