Gravicore’s technology-enabled solutions focus on accelerating your ability to leverage the cloud and big data while reducing project implementation risk. From design and development to integration and implementation, our fusion of domain knowledge and solutions delivery expertise enables our team to build groundbreaking opinionated solutions for businesses in the Financial Services sector.

Cloud First Accelerator

Leverage the cloud in weeks instead of years without fear of failure or unpredictable costs. Gravicore works alongside your team to accelerate the planning, configuration, and automation of deploying your AWS Enterprise Cloud Environment.  

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Data Intelligence Platform

Accelerate your ability to leverage today’s most powerful data workflow, analytics, and intelligence capabilities with Gravicore’s serverless data management platform. Free yourself from the limitations of proprietary or technology dependent ecosystems.  

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Cloud Migration

We will migrate your infrastructure to the cloud so you can take advantage of 99.99999% uptime, automated deployments, and infrastructure as code. 

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Application Modernization

Leave legacy technology behind with faster, more scalable applications so your developers can more quickly respond to ever-evolving business needs.  

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Application Development

Our full stack team’s world-class expertise helps develop complex workflow tools, customer-facing web applications, and reporting and analytics platforms 

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Cloud and Data Strategy

In limited engagements, our CTO and team of architects and engineers can help you formulate decisions while creating viable and actionable strategy. 

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Solutions Delivery

Product Management

Skilled product management is often the key differentiator between delivering an effective solution vs merely releasing software that fails to achieve its intended business outcome.  Gravicore’s Product Managers understand both sides of your organization – having acted as both Business Leaders and Senior Level Technologists –.  and will help you deliver extraordinary, shared outcomes through strategic frameworks, agile processes, and effective collaboration.  Our hybrid skillsets translated into powerful partnerships that help you achieve both business and IT goals.

Business Intelligence

Making decisions and influencing business performance is almost impossible without relevant, up-to-date information.  Transform your data into usable intelligence and alleviate decision-making roadblocks with Gravicore’s talented Data Intelligence team. By combining our mastery of information management with an obsession to drive outcomes, we help deliver actionable information and timely insights.

Data Management

Nearly every IT organization is challenged with keeping data current and making it easily accessible.  Gravicore’s team of Data Engineers and Analysts will assess your current environment and define and execute a viable data management strategy. Lean on Gravicore’s decades of experience solving complex data challenges to eliminate the lag in Data Availability while significantly improving Data Access.


The road to a successful DevOps implementation is typically much longer and more expensive than anticipated. Gravicore’s DevOps experts help your team gain the right skill sets, choose the right tools, navigate the challenges of legacy infrastructure, and remove the barriers that interrupt implementation. Accelerate implementation from months to weeks and reduce costs with Gravicore’s extensive DevOps experience.

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information security

Information Security

Protecting your data against complex, modern threats is critical to your organization’s longevity. The inability to attract and retain qualified InfoSec experts has become an industry-wide problem.  Utilize Gravicore’s trusted Infosec Advisors to bridge that resource gap.  Our team will define an effective strategy and policy approach, design compliant architecture, and recommend the best InfoSec solutions for your unique environment.

Cloud Networking

Because cloud technologies rapidly evolve, over 95% of IT decision makers wonder if they have the right approach. Gravicore’s Cloud-First Team simplifies configuration through industry-leading experience and automated frameworks. Our team will analyze your current and future environment requirements and design an optimized on-prem, public, or hybrid approach for your organization.