A Predictable Path to Standing up Cloud Infrastructure

Reduce execution risk with proven expertise, accelerate your modernization efforts, and leverage Gravicore’s extensive domain expertise with the Innovation Launchpad.

What is the Innovation Launchpad?

A fixed-price cloud infrastructure solution that draws on Gravicore’s 10+ years of successful cloud infrastructure solutions for Mortgage, Insurance and Fintech.
Whether you are a growing fintech or an established mortgage servicer, Gravicore’s Innovation Launchpad eliminates the learning curve that leads to cloud adoption failure for so many firms. It also includes essential enablers like DevOps, CI/CD, SRE, and Security & Compliance which are foundational to successful innovation.

Make Infrastructure Setup More Predictable & Less Risky

Eliminate execution failure by implementing a proven infrastructure deployment and automation blueprint.

It doesn’t matter if your firm is trying to start a modernization effort, develop a modern data platform, needs to make applications and data more reliable for the business, or has to sunset legacy technology, Innovation Launchpad will create a reliable foundation to enable your organization’s technology priorities.

Innovation Launchpad uses Gravicore’s opinionated blueprints, infrastructure architects and templated infrastructure as code deployments to:

  • Ensure rapid delivery of reliable and scalable cloud platforms

  • Integrate change management and information security controls

  • Enable a pragmatic approach to incremental cloud adoption and migration

Erase the Expertise Gap

We offer the Innovation Launch Pad as a “done RIGHT for you” service utilizing veteran architects and engineers to ensure all the important tactical and strategic details are accounted for and nothing is overlooked.


Reduce Budget Variances

As cloud projects undergo increasing cost scrutiny and unwanted notoriety for exceeding budgets, we offer you a fixed cost, flexible foundation where you pay only for significant customizations.

Accelerate Time to Launch

Or rapid discovery framework quickly pinpoints the architecture you need, greatly reducing upfront design burden. And out templated infrastructure as code (IAC) frameworks can be deployed in minutes and hours, not days or weeks.

Eliminate Guesswork

Very few firms have the track record and battle tested resources necessary to account for variables and answer critical questions. Rest easy, because our seasoned experts have been there/done that.

Minimize Unnecessary Rework

The road to cloud adoption is littered with failed infrastructure projects due to lack of capacity, focus or expertise. Gravicore’s track record will guarantee your infrastructure is built ”right” the very first time.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Our Domain expertise and experience working in compliant industries means our templated infrastructure as code ensures that Security and Compliance capabilities are built in from day.

Innovation Launchpad: Technical Capabilities


Your Automated Assurance Capability enables on-demand reporting of security and compliance controls against benchmarks, and the ability to inherit the latest security controls through IaC.


Your Provisioned Security Capability automates deployment of software-based security tools to monitor and protect the flow of information into and out of your cloud resources.


This is your Automated Management and Observability:  Enabled SRE ensures systems and applications remain reliable amidst environment changes and deployments.


Sometimes referred to as your Landing Zone.  This is a multi-account cloud environment that is the starting point from which you can deploy workloads and applications.


Gravicore refers to this as your Infrastructure Factory.  This enables autoscaling, automation of the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Enables the building of new microservice-based apps.


Also known as your Delivery Factory resulting in Automated Dev & Delivery.  We implement CI and CD patterns to enable automated deployment to dev, stage and production environments and to enable automated rollbacks.