The Core of Gravicore


Rest easy. We’ve been in your shoes and know how difficult it is to develop effective, secure solutions. You can rely on our proven track record to deliver the best possible solution for your specific needs.


Uncertainty about evolution doesn’t scare us. Our robust and flexible approach to changing technology means you can leverage our modern, opinionated solutions while counting on us to adapt to every situation.


Improving outcomes is what gets us up in the morning. It’s about realizing your goals by delivering a solution that is viable, effective, and desirable.

Combined Years of Experience

Capital Markets

Origination & Servicing


Deploying Technology

What Sets Gravicore Apart

When it comes to delivering highly effective solutions, Gravicore has the expertise to eliminate execution risk. We are trailblazing technologists with a pragmatic approach to solving problems. We are innovators with a proven track record of delivering value. We are experts who constantly evolve to bring you cutting-edge solutions. We are Gravicore.

Where We Started

The principal players of Gravicore have been collaborating to develop ground-breaking solutions in capital markets for over 10 years. Our love of innovation and technology combined with our trailblazing attitudes has enabled successful deployment of over 55 solutions.

Meet the leadership team

Curtis Over

Curtis Over

CEO & Co-Founder

A former COO turned technologist, Curtis is an accomplished and versatile financial services executive with over 20 years in banking, mortgage, insurance, and credit risk management.

Curtis has dedicated his career to delivering business value through technology driven process transformations in big data environments.

He co-founded Gravicore to bring these opinionated solutions to his forward-thinking colleagues and business partners.

Jeremy Odle

Jeremy Odle

President, CTO & Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur and lifelong technologist, Jeremy has over 25 years of experience in building technology platforms for the mortgage, real estate, background screening, media copywriting, and telecommunication industries.

Jeremy has a passion for achieving critical business outcomes through automation, data intelligence and application development. He is dedicated to helping IT organizations deploy modern cloud-based tech stacks that allow for massive elasticity, while lowering execution risk and increasing security.

Zachary Heider

Zachary Heider

Vice President

Zachary is an expert in capital market mortgage operations, with more than 20 years successfully optimizing processes, improving systems, and enhancing financial data quality and analysis.

For Zach, it’s all about creating operational efficiency... the right way. Whether that means navigating the details of regulatory compliance, creating risk based solutions, or taking on the complexity of managing counter-party data, Zach thrives on solving complicated problems under difficult constraints.